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Qobotix is revolutionizing interactions between humans and machines. It is an audacious goal which we achieve by targeting practical use cases that bring immediate, measurable benefits to manufacturers.

One Capable Robot

A single Qobotix Station performs three difficult automation tasks:

Variable Picking

Visual Inspection

Parts Packaging



Variable Picking

Automating complex and expensive tasks of part presentation, picking and placing.


We are cracking the code with a combination of geometric analysis, reinforcement learning, and sophisticated kinematics control. 


Visual Inspection

Boost the accuracy and repeatability of visual inspection with AI vision.


Qobotix robots inspect complex parts for surface defects. They learn from people how to distinguish passable from defective items through examples.


Qobotix packages parts in trays or passes them on a conveyer for the next operation.

Defective parts are discarded. Questionable parts are set aside for an inspection by a human expert.

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