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Accelerating Human and Machine Collaboration

We merge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and Robotics into a powerful operating system for collaborative robots. The platform enables rapid design and deployment of industrial automation applications to tackle tasks that only humans could do before.


When Apple and Google built operating systems for smart phones, they built a platform for others to develop apps for consumers and industry. The apps revolutionized business.

Qobotix is building an operating system for robots as a platform for industrial automation apps. By enabling the ingenuity of others we are redefining Intelligent Automation.



Qobotix OS sits on top of existing controllers for collaborative robots. It is delivered as an industrial appliance compatible with the existing cobot brands.

Developers of industrial automation applications can leverage Qobotix Kinematics, Machine Vision, and AI libraries to quickly develop code for their specific use cases.


Qobotix Cloud is a centralized enterprise management platform and factory automation controller. Applications developed for Qobotix OS are deployed via Qobotix Cloud.

Qobotix Cloud synchronizes robot operations on manufacturing lines, captures performance statistics, and delivers enterprise analytics.


Qobotix OS packs built-in automation applications ready for immediate deployment out of the box. It turns your existing cobots into intelligent co-workers with the apps for variable picking, surface visual inspection and packaging.

Experience immediate Return On Investment


Qobotix collaborative robot stations are fully equipped for deployment on delivery. They can be integrated into end of line operations the same day after a short period of teaching by example.

Achieve even faster deployment by transferring work intelligence from one cobot to another with Qobotix Cloud.


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